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Oil Tank Removal Cost

Oil Tank Removal Cost Connecticut and New York!

Oil Tank Removal Cost is one of the most important thoughts that home owners have when considering the removal of a tank.

To answer the question of the cost, one has to keep in mind of how long the underground oil tank has been in the ground. Has the tank leaked over the years?

If a tank has leaked, this more than likely will cause the costs to rise. Think of it like this, the longer that a tank leaks, the more the oil leaches into the soil contaminating the surrounding earth.
oil tank removal cost

This is why it is so important to have your tank tested. The tests are not expensive. What Envirotech of Fairfield County Inc. will do is to bring a Geo_Probe to your property. This Geo_Probe will drill down along the side of your underground oil tank and pull up samples of the surrounding soil. This soil will then be tested for oil. It could be that the test will come back and say tell us that there Isn’t a leak.

At this point Envirotech of Fairfield County Inc. will give you a price to remove your tank. The costs can vary depending on the size of the  tank, if it has leaked, if you want landscaping completed for you, the amount of fill soil that will be need to be added to fill the void where the tank was removed.
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Many people don’t know where on their property that their oil tank is located. Envirotech of Fairfield County Inc. has tools that work like a metal detector to discover where your tank is located.

Envirotech of Fairfield County Inc. has all of the equipment needed to handle your job. We have the excavators, the trucks for hauling soil, the Geo-Probes to pull up ground samples. We have been in the underground Oil Tank Removal business for over 21 years. We are experts. We are licensed and all our employees go through educational training.

If you have any questions, give us a call at: (203) 748-3111

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