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Underground Tank Removal Connecticut

Underground Tank Removal Connecticut

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Underground Tank Removal Connecticut

Underground Tank Removal Connecticut.  Whether you are a business, school, Realtor, Insurance Company or Home Owner, there are many reasons that you may want a tank test.  It might be that you are selling your property and you want to eliminate any potential problems such as home inspections, or the owners ability to obtain a loan.

 Envirotech of Fairfield County Inc. has been performing underground tank removal for over 28 years. Our highly trained, licensed, workforce will handle all of your needs. Safety is a main concern and we will confirm the location of underground utilities before the oil tank removal process. We will pull all permits that will be needed.

We will test your soil along side your tank before ever performing an underground tank removal or moving it in order to test the soil for leaks.

Once the underground tank removal has ben completed along with any soil that might have been contaminated, Envirotech will fill in the excavation and replant to make your property look as though nothing had ever happened.

Envirotech of Fairfiled County Inc. is the trained experts for underground tank removal, whether oil or water. We have all of the equipment needed for big commercial projects, as well as residential. Envirotech has Vacuum Trucks for removing chemicals such as oil. We have trucks for moving toxic soil and replacing the toxic soil with clean soil. We have excavators for digging up old tanks.

We pride ourselves as being a one call solution to your problems.

If you have any questions, per underground tank removal ct services, please pick up the phone and call us for a Free estimate.  (203) 748-3111

Pictures showing Commercial Projects:

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Frequently Asked Questions

Can I remove my own oil tank?

Oil tank removals are based on the town  and state requirements. Some towns require permits (The permits require contractor information and licensing numbers). We do not recommend pulling your own tank, it is best to use a professional who is verse with the rules and regulations on both a state and local level.

Does homeowners insurance cover oil tank removal? 

Unfortunately, most insurance companies do no cover tank removals.

How to remove oil tank from basement?

Removing a tank from the basement is dependent upon many factors including accessibility.  The tank will need to be vacuumed out,  and the lines cut and then the tank removed. Removing the tank may require the tank to be cut into pieces prior to removal because there is no space to remove the tank as a whole.

How much does it cost to remove oil tank from basement?

Cost of removing a tank is based on accessibility, can the tank be removed in one piece? Cost is based on the time need to remove the tank.

How do I remove an old oil tank from the underground? 

We excavate to gain access to the tank, cut a hole in the tank and vacuum out in residual oil left in the tank. Once the tank is vacuumed out an excavator is used to pull the tank out of the ground. A soil sample is collected  from below the tank (tank grave) and sent to a laboratory for analysis. The excavation site is then backfilled to grade.

How much does it cost to remove an above ground oil tank?

Removal of an underground tank is based on accessibility.  A typical tank removal cost is between $1,500-$2,500 plus the cost the content in the tank.